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600+ Useful Prepositional Phrase Examples in English

What is a Prepositional Phrase?

Prepositional phrase definition: In the English language, a prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition. The object of a prepositional phrase is to function as an adjective or adverb.

In the sentence “I’ve paid this bill twice by mistake.“, by mistake is a prepositional phrase.

Examples of prepositional phrases:
Prepositional phrase examples that function as an adjective.
  • The revised edition of the book is now out of print.
  • This kind of machine is out of date.
  • The two countries were at peace.
  • The paintings are on show until April.
  • Younger workers tend to be at an advantage when applying for jobs.
  • The doctor said that I should be on a diet.
  • You’re not allowed to buy alcohol. You’re under age.
  • Despite applying for hundreds of jobs, he is still out of work.
  • A passport that is out of date is invalid.
  • We are happy to be on vacation.

Prepositional phrase examples that function as an adverbs.
  • The kids spent all their time out of doors.
  • For a change, it was a gloriously sunny day.
  • I pushed the problem aside, at present it was insoluble.
  • The second episode will be screened at the same time tomorrow.
  • At the beginning of a ceremonial parade,he gives the order to march on.
  • As regards John, I will write to him at once.
  • Without warning, the tree crashed through the roof.
  • I will climb up the highest mountain tomorrow.
  • It annoys me when people talk during movies.
  • By my watch it is two o’clock.
  • With the help of cold water he was soon brought round.
  • Never tell tales out of school.
  • Within limits, this seems a not unreasonable request.

Big list of prepositional phrases with at, in, on, by, with, for, out,… with example sentences.

Prepositional Phrases with OUT

List of Prepositional Phrases with OUT

  • Out out struggle
  • Out of debt
  • Out of work
  • Out of trouble
  • Out of the question
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Out of the kitchen
  • Out of stock
  • Out of spite
  • Out of sight
  • Out of school
  • Out of respect for
  • Out of reach
  • Out of print
  • Out of practice
  • Out of place
  • Out of pity
  • Out of order
  • Out of one’s mind
  • Out of love
  • Out of jealousy
  • Out of in step
  • Out of ideas
  • Out of hatred
  • Out of hand
  • Out of fashion
  • Out of duty
  • Out of doors
  • Out of date
  • Out of danger
  • Out of curiosity
  • Out of control
  • Out of context
  • Out of breath

Examples of Prepositional Phrases with OUT

  • Out of debtout of danger.
  • Unemployment is getting out of hand.
  •  Never tell tales out of school.
  • I felt out of place among foreigners.
  • Out of sight, out of mind.
  •  Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties.
  • A hasty man is seldom out of trouble.
  • The fire is burning out of control.
  • The boy put the telephone out of order.
  • I’m afraid we’re temporarily out of stock.
  • Their music will never go out of fashion.

Prepositional Phrases with FOR

Prepositional Phrase List with FOR

  • For want of
  • For the time being
  • For the sake of
  • For the rest of
  • For the moment
  • For the good of
  • For the benefit (of)
  • For sure
  • For short
  • For sale
  • For safekeeping
  • For real
  • For once
  • For nothing
  • For lunch
  • For luck
  • For love
  • For life
  • For lack of
  • For instance
  • For hire
  • For granted
  • For good
  • For fun
  • For fear of
  • For example
  • For ever
  • For dinner
  • For certain
  • For breakfast
  • For ages
  • For a while
  • For a walk
  • For a visit
  • For a reason
  • For a moment
  • For a holiday
  • For a good reason
  • For a good cause
  • For a change

Prepositional Phrase Examples with FOR

  • For lack of anything better to do, we went to the park.
  • One thing’s for sure – once the baby’s born, your lives will never be the same again.
  • They have boats for hire.
  • I didn’t want to move for fear of waking her up.
  • I believe marriage is for life
  • She did it for the good of the community.
  • She has put her house up for sale.
  • After two trial runs we did it for real.
  • I haven’t seen you for ages.
  • Please sit down for a while.
  • We went all that way for nothing.

Prepositional Phrases with WITH

Prepositional Phrase List with WITH

  • With the view of
  • With the result that
  • With the purpose of
  • With the intention of
  • With the help of
  • With the exception of
  • With the compliments of
  • With the aid of
  • With respect to
  • With regret
  • With regard to
  • With reference to
  • With attention
  • With approval
  • With an eye to
  • With abandon
  • With a will
  • With a view to

Prepositional Phrase Examples with WITH

  • I am writing with reference to your job application.
  • The soldiers laid on with a will.
  • We bought the house with a view to retiring there.
  • We’d like a room with a view of the sea.
  • The old man hobbled along with the aid of his stick.
  • I ask for her hand with all respect.
  • With the help of cold water he was soon brought round.
  • She danced with abandon.
  • Do not waste time with regret.
  • Save your money now with an eye to the future.
  • I am writing with regard to your recent order.
  • These hazards may lead to complications with regard to insurance.
  • I enjoyed all his novels with the exception of his last.

Prepositional Phrases with AT

Prepositional Phrase List with AT

  • At worst
  • At work
  • At will
  • At war with
  • At war
  • At university
  • At this point in time
  • At this juncture
  • At the wheel
  • At the thought of
  • At the top of
  • At the time of
  • At the table
  • At the same time
  • At the risk of
  • At the ready
  • At the peak of
  • At the moment
  • At the mercy of
  • At the latest
  • At the height of
  • At the hands of
  • At the foot of
  • At the expense of
  • At the end
  • At the drop of a hat
  • At the door
  • At the bottom of
  • At the beginning of
  • At the age of
  • At that
  • At times
  • At stake
  • At short notice
  • At sea
  • At school
  • At risk
  • At rest
  • At random
  • At present
  • At play
  • At places
  • At peace
  • At pains
  • At one’s side
  • At one’s request
  • At one’s leisure
  • At one’s disposal
  • At one’s discretion
  • At one’s desk
  • At one’s best
  • At one time
  • At once
  • At on the double
  • At on sight
  • At odds with
  • At noon
  • At night
  • At most
  • At midnight
  • At midday
  • At loose ends
  • At liberty
  • At length
  • At least
  • At last
  • At large
  • At issue
  • At home
  • At high speed
  • At heart
  • At hand
  • At full throttle
  • At full tilt
  • At full strength
  • At from the outset
  • At for a fraction of
  • At first sight
  • At first
  • At fault
  • At face value
  • At ease
  • At breakfast
  • At any rate
  • At any cost
  • At an advantage
  • At all hours
  • At all events
  • At all costs
  • At a time
  • At a stretch
  • At a stand
  • At a speed of
  • At a rate of
  • At a price
  • At a moment’s notice
  • At a low ebb
  • At a loss for words
  • At a loss
  • At a loose and
  • At a guess
  • At a glance
  • At a distance
  • At a discount
  • At a disadvantage

Prepositional Phrase Examples with AT

  • At the end of the day.
  • Employees can buy books at a discount.
  • She went blind at the age of ten.
  • Younger workers tend to be at an advantage when applying for jobs.
  • He was putting himself at risk.
  • There was no reason for her to feel at a disadvantage.
  • I pushed the problem aside, at present it was insoluble.
  • All speak at the same time.
  • The second episode will be screened at the same time tomorrow.
  • At the beginning of a ceremonial parade,he gives the order to march on.
  • As regards John, I will write to him at once.
  • It will cost at least $200.
  • I’ve met the president – at least, he shook my hand once.
  • You have to call her at once.
  • Everything happened at once – she graduated, got a job, and got married, all in July!
  • The two countries were at peace.
  • The shop at the corner of the street sells helmets.

Prepositional Phrases with WITHOUT

Prepositional Phrase List with WITHOUT

  • Without respect
  • Without warning
  • Without thinking
  • Without respite
  • Without question
  • Without precedent
  • Without foundation
  • Without fail
  • Without exception
  • Without education
  • Without delay
  • Without a plan
  • Without a hitch
  • Without a good foundation
  • Without a break
  • Without (a) doubt

Prepositional Phrase Examples with WITHOUT

  • Working without a break makes you more prone to error.
  • It is without precedent in history.
  • Everything had gone without a hitch.
  • Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
  • Speak without thinking is shooting without aiming.
  • No good building without a good foundation.
  • Without respect, love cannot go far.
  • Working without a plan is sailing without a compass.
  • We’ve been doing experiments 24 hours without a break.

Prepositional Phrases with ON

Prepositional Phrase List with ON

  • On vacation
  • On trial
  • On the way to
  • On the way
  • On the verge of
  • On the understanding that
  • On the top of
  • On the tip of
  • On the stroke of
  • On the strength of
  • On the second floor
  • On the run
  • On the roof
  • On the radio
  • On the phone
  • On the point of
  • On the part of
  • On the outskirts
  • On the off-chance
  • On the move
  • On the menu
  • On the last day
  • On the job
  • On the increase
  • On the hour
  • On the horizon
  • On the grounds of
  • On the first day
  • On the eve of
  • On the edge of
  • On the dot
  • On the corner
  • On the ceiling
  • On the brink of
  • On the assumption
  • On the agenda
  • On that day
  • On tiptoe
  • On time
  • On television
  • On suspicion of
  • On strike
  • On show
  • On second thoughts
  • On sale
  • On remand
  • On reflection
  • On purpose
  • On principle
  • On patrol
  • On parade
  • On paper
  • On order
  • On occasion
  • On no account
  • On my wedding day
  • On my birthday
  • On leave
  • On impulse
  • On horseback
  • On holiday
  • On hand
  • On guard
  • On good terms
  • On foot
  • On fire
  • On file
  • On end
  • On edge
  • On display
  • On credit
  • On condition that
  • On business
  • On board
  • On behalf of
  • On bail
  • On average
  • On approval
  • On an island
  • On an island
  • On an expedition
  • On account of
  • On a wall
  • On a train
  • On a summer evening
  • On a spree
  • On a ship
  • On a regular basis
  • On a plane
  • On a pension
  • On a motorbike
  • On a list
  • On a large / small scale
  • On a journey/ trip/ cruise
  • On a diet
  • On a bus
  • On a bicycle

Prepositional Phrase Examples with ON

  • Ken agreed to accompany me on a trip to Africa.
  • She refuses on principle to understate her income for taxation purposes.
  • Tell him from me that he must be at the meeting on time.
  • The new model goes on sale next month.
  • The paintings are on show until April.
  • He tried to jump back on board.
  • She’s on leave until the end of the month.
  • The car was now on fire.
  • He’s on trial for his life.
  • Could you put your ideas down on paper?
  • The army is on the move.

Prepositional Phrases with UNDER

Prepositional Phrase List with UNDER

  • Under treatment
  • Under the pressure of
  • Under the misapprehension
  • Under the influence
  • Under the impression that
  • Under the command of
  • Under the age of
  • Under suspicion
  • Under stress
  • Under strain
  • Under review
  • Under repair
  • Under regulations
  • Under pressure
  • Under orders
  • Under one’s protection
  • Under lock and key
  • Under discussion
  • Under cover of
  • Under construction
  • Under consideration
  • Under circumstances
  • Under arrest
  • Under age

Prepositional Phrase Examples with UNDER

  • There’s a broom cupboard under the stairs.
  • Willing to work under pressure with leardership quality.
  • The silver was deformed under stress.
  • The matter is still under review.
  • A new railroad is under construction.
  •  He is under treatment for malaria.
  •  Is the bridge still under repair?

Prepositional Phrases with IN

Prepositional Phrase List with IN

  • In vain
  • In theory
  • In the nude
  • In the news
  • In the mountains
  • In the mood for
  • In the meantime
  • In the habit of
  • In the end
  • In the dark
  • In the beginning
  • In the air
  • In two/ half
  • In town
  • In touch
  • In time
  • In terms of
  • In tears
  • In summer/ winter
  • In stock
  • In some respects
  • In secret
  • In season
  • In return
  • In public
  • In progress
  • In private
  • In prison/ jail
  • In principle
  • In person
  • In particular
  • In pain
  • In other words
  • In no time
  • In moderation
  • In memory of
  • In love with
  • In length
  • In league with
  • In labor
  • In keeping with
  • In ink / pencil
  • In horror (of)
  • In high spirits
  • In hiding
  • In haste
  • In harmony
  • In hand
  • In good/ bad condition
  • In good faith
  • In goal
  • In general
  • In gear
  • In future
  • In full
  • In front of
  • In force
  • In focus
  • In flower
  • In flames
  • In fear of
  • In favor of
  • In fashion
  • In fairness to
  • In fact
  • In existence
  • In exchange for
  • In excess of
  • In evidence
  • In essence
  • In error
  • In effect
  • In earnest
  • In duplicate
  • In due course
  • In doubt
  • In distress
  • In dispute
  • In disorder
  • In disguise
  • In disgrace
  • In difficulty
  • In detail
  • In defense of
  • In decline
  • In debt
  • In danger
  • In charge of
  • In character
  • In custody
  • In court
  • In control of
  • In contrast with / to
  • In contact with
  • In consequence of
  • In connection with
  • In conjunction with
  • In confusion
  • In confinement
  • In confidence
  • In conclusion
  • In compensation for
  • In comparison with
  • In common
  • In command of
  • In comfort
  • In combination with
  • In cash
  • In case of
  • In case
  • In business
  • In bulk
  • In brief
  • In black and white
  • In bed
  • In awe of
  • In any case
  • In anticipation of
  • In answer to
  • In an uproar
  • In an instant
  • In all my born days
  • In all likelihood
  • In all honesty
  • In aid of
  • In agreement with
  • In agony
  • In advance
  • In addition to
  • In action
  • In accordance with
  • In abundance
  • In abeyance
  • In a way
  • In a temper
  • In a sense
  • In a row
  • In a pile
  • In a nutshell
  • In a minute
  • In a mess
  • In a lather
  • In a hurry
  • In a heap
  • In a flash
  • In a deep sleep

Prepositional Phrase Examples with IN

  • He looks younger, but in fact, he is 50 years old.
  • It sounds fine in theory, but will it work?
  • I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.
  • When in doubt, call the doctor.
  • Her efforts were in vain.
  • She described the accident in detail.
  • In any case the report will be made public next month.
  • In fact, I always behind you, and sent you a back.
  • Took an umbrella, just in case.
  • The book is well organized in terms of plot.
  • The apple trees are in full bearing.

Prepositional Phrases with BY

Prepositional Phrase List with BY

  • By word of mouth
  • By way of
  • By virtue of
  • By the way
  • By the time
  • By the side of
  • By the arm/ hand
  • By surprise
  • By sight
  • By rights
  • By request
  • By reason of
  • By phone
  • By profession
  • By process of
  • By post
  • By order of
  • By oneself
  • By one’s side
  • By now
  • By no means
  • By nature
  • By my watch
  • By mistake
  • By means of
  • By marriage
  • By luck
  • By law
  • By invitation
  • By heart
  • By hand
  • By force
  • By far
  • By dint of
  • By design
  • By degrees
  • By definition
  • By day/ night
  • By cheque
  • By check
  • By chance
  • By courtesy of
  • By coincidence
  • By bus/ train/ plane
  • By birth
  • By auction
  • By appointment
  • By any standard
  • By all means
  • By all accounts
  • By air/ sea/ land
  • By accident
  • By (any) chance

Prepositional Phrase Examples with BY

  • He took the purse from her by force.
  • She is the best by far.
  • I’ve paid this bill twice by mistake.
  • By the way, how is John?
  • The road was closed all day by order of the police.
  • By the time I got there he’d gone.
  • Perhaps they are already there by now.
  • He was by nature a philosophical person.

Prepositional Phrases with TO

Prepositional Phrase List with TO

  • To the/ this day
  • To the satisfaction of
  • To the purpose
  • To the north
  • To the limit
  • To the life
  • To the letter
  • To the last
  • To the full
  • To the extent of
  • To the exclusion of
  • To the detriment of
  • To the best of
  • To the accompaniment of
  • To sb’s face
  • To one’s dismay
  • To one’s credit
  • To one’s astonishment
  • To excess
  • To date
  • To an extent

Prepositional Phrase Examples with TO

  • I’ve always believed in living life to the full.
  • The car is a beauty and quite up to date.
  • To date, we have not received any replies.
  • To this day, I still don’t understand why he did it.
  • He’s in debt to the extent of 300.
  • His defending argument was well to the purpose.
  • She obeyed his instructions to the letter.
  • The kids stretch my patience to the limit.
  • The wind has come around to the north.

Prepositional Phrases with WITHIN

Prepositional Phrase List with WITHIN

  • Within an hour
  • Within walking
  • Within striking distance
  • Within sight of
  • Within reason
  • Within reach (of)
  • Within one’s rights
  • Within one’s power
  • Within one’s budget
  • Within limits
  • Within grasp

Prepositional Phrase Examples with WITHIN

  • He’ll do anything within reason but he won’t break the law.
  • I will be back within an hour.
  • I’m willing to help, within limits.
  • The shops are within walking distance.
  • We live within reach of the station.

Prepositional Phrase Examples

Common Prepositional Phrases with Meaning and Examples

  • At the end: a time period
At the end of the day
  • In the end: after all, ultimately
They will surely succeed in the end.
  • In time: before the given time
The school starts at 7:30. She ‘ll be in time for the start of class.
  • On time: at exactly given time
The meeting starts at 8 o’clock. They are here on time.
  • In common: If two or more things have something in common, they have the same characteristic of feature.
Jane and I have nothing in common.
  • In general: as a whole, without giving details
In general, the standard of your work is very high.
  • In love: inspired by affection
Peter had fallen in love with that girl.
  • In touch: in a state which people communicate with each other especially by calling or writing to each other.
We kept in touch after college.
  • In danger: in the situation in which something bad or harmful is possible
We’re all in danger of losing our jobs.
  • In doubt: in a state of being uncertain or unsure
The outcome was in doubt until the final seconds of the game.
  • In other words: used to introduce a statement that repeats what has been said in a different and usually a simpler or more exact way.
She said the movie was a bit predictable. In other words, she didn’t like it.
  • In fact: in truth
He looks younger, but in fact, he is 60 years old.
  • In debt: having debts
I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.
  • In vain: to no end, without success or result
Her efforts were in vain.
  • In any case: without regard to or in spite of other considerations: Whatever else is done or is the case
In any case the report will be made public next month.
  • In case: as a precaution
Took an umbrella, just in case.
  • In case of: in the event of
In case of trouble, yell.
  • In advance: before a particular time, or before doing a particular thing
If you’re going to come, please let me know in advance.
  • In conclusion: used to introduce the final comments at the end of a speech or a piece of writing
In conclusion, I would like to thank you for inviting me to speak tonight.
  • At least: as much as, or more than, a number or amount
It will cost at least $100.
  • At least: used to reduce the effect of an statement
I’ve met the president – at least, he shook my hand once.
  • At once: immediately
You have to call him at once.
  • At once: at the same time
Everything happened at once – she graduated, got a job, and got married, all in June!
  • By accident: without intending to, or without being intended
I found her letter by accident as I was looking through my files.
  • By force: using physical power
He took the purse from her by force.
  • By order of: according to directions given by the proper authority.
The road was closed all day by order of the police.
  • By request: by asking for something usually in a formal way.
Catalogs are available by request.
  • By sight: on the basic of one’s look
I know her by sight but not by name.
  • By nature: used when describing someone’s character, job, etc.
She is, by nature, a sunny, positive kind of person.
  • For lack of: not having (the thing specified)
For lack of anything better to do, we went to the park.
  • For sure: certain or certainly
One thing’s for sure – once the baby’s born, your lives will never be the same again.
  • For hire: available for use or service in return for payment
They have boats for hire.
  • For fear of: Because you are worried that a particular thing might happen.
I didn’t want to move for fear of waking her up.
  • For life: for the whole of a person’s life
I believe marriage is for life
  • For the good of: in order to help (someone or something)
She did it for the good of the community.

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