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170+ Common Grammar Mistakes in English And How to Avoid Them

Learn Useful List of Common Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making – And How to Correct Them
Incorrect:  I have a good news for you.
Correct:     I have good news for you

Incorrect:  Worry kills more the men than work.
Correct:     Worry kills more men than work.

Incorrect:  We learn not at the school, but in life.
Correct:     We learn not at school, but in life.

Incorrect:   He sent a word that he would come soon.
Correct:     He sent word that he would come soon.

Incorrect:  I have read the Shakespeare’s King Lear.
Correct:     I have read Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Incorrect:  You cannot set a foot in this house.
Correct:     You cannot set foot in this house.

Incorrect:  It’s not good to go to the bed late.
Correct:    It’s not good to go to bed late.

Incorrect:  He is Daniel in judgment.
Correct:    He is a Daniel in judgment.

Incorrect:  It was tough decision to make.
Correct:    It was a tough decision to make.

Incorrect:  A little spark kindles great fire.
Correct:     A little spark kindles a great fire.

Incorrect:   The clock has struck seven hours.
Correct:      The clock has struck seven.

Incorrect:   There is no place in the hall.
Correct:      There is no room in the hall.

Incorrect:    We came by the 4:30 o’clock train.
Correct:       We came by the 4:30 train.

Incorrect:   He left with his belonging luggage.
Correct:      He left with his luggage.

Incorrect:    I gladly avail of your offer.
Correct:       I gladly avail myself of your offer.
Incorrect:    The girl wants to get herself married. 
Correct:       The girl wants to get married.

Incorrect:    This option is preferable than any other.
Correct:       This option is preferable to any other.

Incorrect:    Women commit less crimes than men.
Correct:       Women commit fewer crimes than men.

Incorrect:    I want a little quantity of milk.
Correct:       I want a small quantity of milk.

Incorrect:    Give a literally translation of the passage.
Correct:       Give a literal translation of the passage.

Incorrect:    Life is long if you know how use it.
Correct:       Life is long if you know how to use it.

Incorrect:    Don’t go in the sun.
Correct:       Don’t go out in the sun.

Incorrect:   I know him good.
Correct:      I know him well.

Incorrect:   They had no sooner arrived then they were arguing.
Correct:      They had no sooner arrived than they were arguing.

Incorrect:   He asked me that why I had not gone to the party.
Correct:      He asked me why I had not gone to the party.

Incorrect:   My sister’s all the books have been stolen.
Correct:      All my sister’s books have been stolen.

Incorrect:   On what you are here ?
Correct:      What are you here for ?

Incorrect:    Tell me why did you do that ? 
Correct:       Tell me why you did that.

Incorrect:    I, you and he will do it together.
Correct:      You, he and I will do it together.

Incorrect:   Exercise is good both for work as well as health.
Correct:      Exercise is good for work as well as health.
Incorrect:    She did a request for some water.
Correct:      She made a request for some water.

Incorrect:   Open the last but one page of the book.
Correct:      Open the last page but one of the book.

Incorrect:    I am in favor to stop work now.
Correct:       I am in favor of stopping work now.

Incorrect:    Those who are absent, I shall punish them.
Correct:       I shall punish those who are absent.

Incorrect:    I’m really excited to good news from you.
Correct:       I’m really excited to get your good news

Incorrect:    I feel myself feverish.
Correct:       I feel feverish.

Incorrect:    He made an excuse to be late.  
Correct:       He made an excuse for being late.

Incorrect:    He rose equal to the occasion.
Correct:       He was equal to the occasion.

Incorrect:    Are your work busy ?
Correct:       Do you have a busy job ?  

Incorrect:   She left a bit in a hurry.
Correct:      She left in a bit of a hurry.

Incorrect:    I’ll date her out this Friday.
Correct:       I’ll take her out on a date this Friday.

Incorrect:    If someday we meet, would we again start?
Correct:       If someday we meet, would we start again?

Incorrect:    I am difficult to learn Chinese.
Correct:       It is difficult for me to learn Chinese.

Incorrect:    Thailand is coming into rainy weather.
Correct:       Thailand is in the rainy season now.

Incorrect:    What time of a day now in your country?
Correct:       What is the time now in your country?
Incorrect:    You can try it more…
Correct:       You can try a few times…

Incorrect:   He went to abroad to further his study.
Correct:      He went abroad to further his study.

Incorrect:   Today, I’ll cut my hair.
Correct:      I’ll have my hair cut today.

Incorrect:   Did China come into rain season?
Correct:      Is it the rainy season in China?

Incorrect:   How was your sleeping yesterday?
Correct:      Did you have a good sleep yesterday?

Incorrect:   Why don’t stay more time here?
Correct:      Why don’t you stay a little longer?

Incorrect:   You like ice cream, isn’t it?    
Correct:      You like ice cream, don’t you?

Incorrect:    It is a high pay job.
Correct:       It is a high-paying job.

Incorrect:    I can’t get over how you look well.
Correct:       I can’t get over how well you look.

Incorrect:    How much is the temperature?
Correct:       What is the temperature?

Incorrect:    Don’t feel anger with me !!! I’m just kidding.
Correct:       Don’t be mad at me !!! I’m just kidding.

Incorrect:    I have been abroad 10 years.
Correct:       I have been abroad for 10 years.

Incorrect:    How does he like ?
Correct:       What does he look like ?

Incorrect:     Lilian is living far away with China.
Correct:        Lilian is living far away from China.

Incorrect:     Are you a saler,  Jame?
Correct:       Are you a salesman, Jame?
Incorrect:     Which kind of that car?
Correct:        Which type of car is that ?

Incorrect:     How are you this week ?
Correct:        How have you been this week ?

Incorrect:     There’s an exceptional to every rule.
Correct:        There’s an exception to every rule.

Incorrect:     How can I explain if you keep to but in?
Correct:        How can I explain if you keep butting in?

Incorrect:     I’ll go out after the dinner.
Correct:        I’ll go out after dinner.

Incorrect:     We make the bread with the flour.
Correct:        We make bread with flour.

Incorrect:    The experience is the mother of wisdom.
Correct:        Experience is the mother of wisdom.

Incorrect:    He has decided to step down as the captain of the team.
Correct:       He has decided to step down as captain of the team.

Incorrect:     Never tell tales out of the school.
Correct:        Never tell tales out of school.

Incorrect:     They study in the England.
Correct:        They study in England.

Incorrect:     More people today die of the cancer.
Correct:        More people today die of cancer.

Incorrect:     I like to play the football.
Correct:        I like to play football.

Incorrect:     The pink is my favorite color.
Correct:         Pink is my favorite color.

Incorrect:     Although it’s raining, but she still go out.
Correct:        Although it’s raining, she still goes out.

Incorrect:    You may not realize that how important time is.
Correct:        You may not realize how important time is.
Incorrect:     Linda’s work is more perfect than Jamie’s.
Correct:        Lind’s work is better than/superior to Jamie’s.

Incorrect:     I don’t have enough money to buy new bicycle.
Correct:        I don’t have enough money to buy a new bicycle.

Incorrect:     Why do you need hundred dollars ?
Correct:        Why do you need a hundred dollars ?

Incorrect:     He has good knowledge of English grammar.
Correct:        He has a good knowledge of English grammar.

Incorrect:     I often go to theater on the weekend.
Correct:        I often go to the theater on the weekend.

Incorrect:    Your advice is great significance.
Correct:       Your advice is of great significance.

Incorrect:     The event is bound to attracting wide press coverage .
Correct:        The event is bound to attract wide press coverage .

Incorrect:     Please persuade him don’t do that.
Correct:        Please persuade him not to do that.

Incorrect:     I saw them to work.
Correct:        I saw them work.

Incorrect:    She looks cheerfully today.
Correct:       Shelley looks cheerful today.

Incorrect:    The lights his room’s are on.
Correct:       The lights of his room are on.
Incorrect:    Either of the plans are equally dangerous.
Correct:       Either of the plans is equally dangerous.

Incorrect:   Don’t pretend to not recognize me.
Correct:      Don’t pretend not to recognize me.

Incorrect:    He neither has talent nor the desire to learn.
Correct:       He has neither talent nor the desire to learn.

Incorrect:    Only I and my friend were at the concert.
Correct:       Only my friend and I were at the concert.
 Incorrect:    Lizzie approached me and held my hand, say, “Hello !”
Correct:       Lizzie approached me, held my hand, and said, “Hello !”

Incorrect:   She found difficult to sustain the children’s interest.
Correct:      She found it difficult to sustain the children’s interest.

Incorrect:    I would have made a big fault only you advised.
Correct:       I would have made a big mistake only you advised.

Incorrect:    He goes better every day.
Correct:       He gets better every day.

Incorrect:   I’ve passed the hearing test with a high score.
Correct:      I’ve passed a listening test with a high score.

Incorrect:   It was still bright outside.
Correct:      It was still light outside.

Incorrect:   Who cooked this salad ?
Correct:      Who made this salad ?

Incorrect:   Different from me, she is proficient in Chinese.
Correct:      Unlike me, she is proficient in Chinese.

Incorrect:   Little children are difficult to understand that.
Correct:      It is difficult for children to understand that.

Incorrect:   Don’t step in the grass.
Correct:      Keep off the grass.

Incorrect:   get my salary twice a month.
Correct:      I get paid twice a month..

Incorrect:   Would you like to drink ?
Correct:      Would you like something to drink?

Incorrect:   What do you expect in a pig but a grunt?
Correct:      What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Incorrect:   forget my hat in the house.
Correct:      I left my hat in the house.

Incorrect:   Be careful or you’ll have a cold.
Correct:      Be careful or you’ll catch a cold.
 Incorrect:   The head office is in Tokyo.
Correct:      The main office is in Tokyo.

Incorrect:   He cannot read and write.
Correct:      He cannot read or write.

Incorrect:   This is the way how I made it.
Correct:      This is how I made it.

Incorrect:   I introduce Mr. Smith to you !
Correct:      May I introduce Mr. Smith to you !

Incorrect:   Do you have any pencil? Yes I have it .
Correct:      Do you have a pencil ? Yes, I have one.

Incorrect:   She is wearing blue jeans pants.
Correct:      She is wearing blue jeans.

Incorrect:   Last night I didn’t keep my diary.
Correct:      Last night I didn’t write anything in my diary.

Incorrect:   He made a world record.
Correct:      He set a world record.

Incorrect:   The class’s students are 55.
Correct:      There are 55 students in the class.

Incorrect:   I don’t even understand my mind.
Correct:      I don’t even understand what I was thinking.

Incorrect:   felt good mood today.
Correct:       I am in a good mood today.

Incorrect:   My watch doesn’t move at all.
Correct:      My watch isn’t running.

Incorrect:   We moved house to Johor last month.
Correct:      We moved to Johor last month.

Incorrect:   He is our common friend.
Correct:      He is our mutual friend.

Incorrect:   It was my first time to go abroad.
Correct:      It was the first time I had gone abroad.
Incorrect:   It is not of only your business.
Correct:      It is none of your business.

Incorrect:   I  do anything I can for you.
Correct:      I will do anything I can for you.

Incorrect:   You should describe what has happened detailly.
Correct:      You should describe what has happened in detail.

Incorrect:   It happened a few minutes before.
Correct:      It happened a few minutes ago.

Incorrect:   Where is the capital of Japan.
Correct:      What is the capital of Japan?

Incorrect:   Which of these two shirts do you prefer more.
Correct:      Which of these two shirts do you prefer?

Incorrect:   I’ve got many homeworks for this week.
Correct:      I’ve got a lot of homework for this week.

Incorrect:   I am sorry to have kept you waited.
Correct:      I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

Incorrect:   There is a stranger knock at the door.
Correct:      There is a stranger knocking at the door.

Incorrect:   After dinner, my mother suggested to go for a walk.
Correct:      After dinner, my mother suggested going for a walk.

Incorrect:   Would you mind to give me a hand?
Correct:      Would you mind giving me a hand?

Incorrect:   am married next month.
Correct:      I will get married next month.

Incorrect:   You can sit my next seat.
Correct:      You can sit next to me.

Incorrect:   Where are you come from ?
Correct:      Where do you come from ?

Incorrect:   Bill’s no afraid to express his opinions.
Correct:      Bill’s not afraid to express his opinions.
 Incorrect:   His life could dangerous.
Correct:      His life could be in danger.

Incorrect:   Joanna was painful when her boyfriend left her.
Correct:      Joanna was in pain when her boyfriend left her.

Incorrect:   We are necessary to keep these two issues distinct.
Correct:      It is necessary to keep these two issues distinct.

Incorrect:   Lorna likes the kitten. I like it either.
Correct:      Lorna likes the kitten. I like it too.

Incorrect:   I will go but I have not finished my homework too.
Correct:      I will go but I have not finished my homework yet.

Incorrect:   Veronica is a hard student.
Correct:      Veronica is a hard-working student

Incorrect:   I have never tried on so a nice dress.
Correct:      I have never tried on such a nice dress.

Incorrect:   Please give me a detail schedule of the meeting.
Correct:      Please give me a detailed schedule of the meeting.

Incorrect:   I like orange.
Correct:      I like oranges.

Incorrect:   One hour are much too long for me to wait!
Correct:      One hour is much too long for me to wait!

Incorrect:   The manager and the secretary was out.
Correct:      The manager and the secretary were out.

Incorrect:   Neither I nor you clean the board.
Correct:      Neither I nor you cleans the board.

Incorrect:   Many people prefer to buy Malaysia products.
Correct:      Many people prefer to buy Malaysian products.

Incorrect:   My cousin dead in that accident.
Correct:      My cousin died in that accident.
Incorrect:   She bought two photos albums.
Correct:      She bought two photo albums.

Incorrect:   He has three son-in-laws.
Correct:      He has three sons-in-law.

Incorrect:   Do you like to play the volleyball?
Correct:      Do you like to play volleyball?

Incorrect:   I looked at me in the mirror.
Correct:      I looked at myself in the mirror.

Incorrect:   James is a matured man of forty.
Correct:      James is a mature man of forty.

Incorrect:   Your writing needs to be improving.
Correct:      Your writing needs to be improved.

Incorrect:   Since that incident, I followed my friend’s advice.
Correct:      Since that incident, I have followed my friend’s advice.

Incorrect:   I think I will never find someone as you.
Correct:      I think I will never find someone like you.

Incorrect:   I do not know why did this happen.
Correct:      I do not know why this happened.

Incorrect:   Why the postman did not come today ?
Correct:      Why didn’t the postman come today ?

Incorrect:   We’ll get down at the next bus stop.
Correct:      We’ll get off at the next bus stop.

Incorrect:   The shop is opened every day.
Correct:      The shop is open every day.

Incorrect:   The gold is a kind of precious metal.
Correct:      Gold is a kind of precious metal.

Incorrect:   She is taller compared to me.
Correct:      She is taller than me.
 Incorrect:   I’ll give to you soon.
Correct:      I’ll give it to you soon.

Incorrect:   Thanks for giving me useful advices.
Correct:      Thanks for giving me useful advice.

Incorrect:   Thanks for giving me useful advices.
Correct:      Thanks for giving me useful advice.

Incorrect:   Why don’t you take a driving license?
Correct:      Why don’t you get a driving license?

Incorrect:   Get up early is good for one’s health.
Correct:      Getting up early is good for one’s health.

Incorrect:   My father will be home today afternoon.
Correct:      My father will be home this afternoon.

Incorrect:   very love drawing.
Correct:      I love drawing very much.

Incorrect:   What of season do you like best ?Correct:      Which season do you like best ?

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